Our Story

Gaoye was founded in 2016 by four young friends, Jenifer, Alfred, Samantha and Laura. Initially, we are just a small amazon shop based on USA market, selling blue light glasses, reading glasses and sunglasses. At that time, we were clearly conscious that now our lives can not keep on without any digital products including young and old, which is an irrevocable trend. And people need professional protection from blue light glasses. For this, we wish to do something and believe that we could do better! Each of our founder specializes in one area, one for brand establishment, one for product design and manufacture job and others for team management and social promotion. With categorical division, we did a good job with many people recognizing and favoring our products and collaboration.

But we did face some problems and challenges during our development, the most concerned one urging and boosting us to create our individual website here! On February 2021, one customer from UK came to message our service team on Instagram @gaoye_fashion and asked us whether our product can be shipped to UK too. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to do that due to our limited size. We could do nothing but explain our situation to him with our regret. And this was not the first time when people from different countries contacted us for products and collaboration since 2019. And all came to the same unlucky consequence.

From then on, we have clearly realized that “We Are Too Small” and Gaoye need to grow and go big! The most debated issue is that we are confined to one platform USA Amazon. Via one affiliate platform, what we could do is limited. Our market and logistics are unilateral and we could not establish better communication and relationship with our audience community, which is key to our brand growth. After long-time negotiation and preparation, we chose to go big! Thus, we have gradually enlarged our team establishment, international logistics, production investment and our responsibility for the world. Finally, Gaoye fashion house and website was established in 2021 summer!

Now we are still too small but we always aim high! We are young and enthusiastic team, professional and experienced!We have zest, love and responsibility for what we are doing now and for all our community as well as the world.

We are always on the road.